KAZU met Krista at South Africa

KAZU have arrived safely in South Africa, and drop a following photo to him blog.

Yes, The lady with white & red jersey is a american Cdale rider, Krista Park (Notubes Cannondale)!
As you may know, Krista appear on Cdale catalog 2012 issue.
Also she is nominating in to US MTB long team for Olympic.
Therefore, KAZU & Krista share the same goal.

Recently, I was introduced Krista and hers Flash 69er on this blog (here).
In last weekend, I met KAZU in tokyo cyclocross at hachiouji-city tokyo.
He promised to me.

“I’ll see Krista at south africa!” KAZU said.
“OK, I wait your report.” me said.

However, I didn’t think this promise is come true so quickly.
Because, I thought KAZU has very tired after flight 25 hour with 2 time transits by way of London from Japan.
But,  he is smiling (I’m calling his dazzling smile “the KAZU smile”).
Yes, KAZU is professional MTB racer.
His daily work is “Be faster, Be tough”.

KAZU & Krista, Good luck!


One Response to KAZU met Krista at South Africa

  1. says:


    NOBRAND Good luck!(笑)



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