Dreams come true! Asian MTB Continental Championship 2012

At the Asian Mountainbike Continental Championship 2012, Japanese Riders won all participation categories, and all riders get the medals.


Down Hill Elite Men :
1. Kazuki Shimizu (Japan)
2. Hong Chun TAN (Singapore)
3. Takuya Aoki (Japan)

DH Men, 2011-2012 Japanese DH champion Kazuki Shimizu(Aki factory team) won his first asian continental champion, and 3rd place Takuya Aoki(Giant).
Unfortunately, DH Women has been cancelled because the number of participants is not enough.

Photo: Kazuhiro Yamamoto


Cross Country Elite Men :
1. Kohei Yamamoto (Japan)
2. Kazuhiro Yamamoto (Japan)
3. Artyom GOLOVASCHENKO (Kazakhstan)

XCO Elite Men, Kohei Yamamoto(Specialized) won 1st place, He also won a 4th consecutive asian champion cat this year.
KAZU Yamamoto(Cannondale) as Kohei’s brother in 2nd place.
Yamamoto brothers won 1-2 finish following 2012 Japanese National Championship XCO.
They make a dream come true from childhood!!

Cross Country Elite Women :
1. Rie Katayama (Japan)
2. Yue BAI (China)
3. Dinh Thi Nu QUYNH (Vietnam)

XCO Elite Women, Rie Katayama(Specialized) won her first 2nd asian champion.
She has announced retirement at end of this season, Therefore this race is the last international race.

Cross Country Junior Men :
1. Kohei Maeda (Japan)
2. Artur FEDOSSEYEV (Kazakhstan)
3. Sheng Shan CHIANG (Chinese Taipei)

XCO Junior Men, a rocket boy Kohei Maeda(LITEC/ENDLESS/Pro Ride) won his first title.
He has also participated in the UCI MTB world championship 2012, I guess he inspired from strong riders around the world.

In this tour, KAZU took a playing manager for Japan National Team.
Japanese riders have achieved complete domination at participation categories.
KAZU won best result as a rider as well as a team manager.

Photo: Kazuhiro Yamamoto


In addition, KAZU became 30 years old at 15.Oct.
Happy birthday!

Photo: Kazuhiro Yamamoto

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