22 years of Mr.Cannondale

Today, A beautiful comparison photo has been flown to my time line of Facebook. That is below.

Image :Cannondale Mexico(Facebook)

Do you remember? or Do you know it? Above photo is the cover image of Cannondale’s catalog 1995. They are the original members of legendary Volvo cannondale team. Left to right,

Myles Rockwell (2000 DH World champion)
David “Tinker” Juarez (1994 USA XC Champion, 1994 World championships Silver)
Sara Ellis
Alison Sydor(in front, 1994-96 XC World champion)
Marc Gullickson
Frank Roman
Missy “Missile” Giove (1994 DH World champion)

At 1994 as their 1st year, they got many victories in NORBA series, UCI World cup and World championships. Viper red cannondale bikes had got most glorious era of cannondale.

1994 MTB XC Worldchampionships

The following photo, It’s currently american Cannondale MTB team after 22 years. They will be called “Cannondale 360fly powered by SUGOI” team. Left to right,

Keegan Swenson (2014 USA XC champion U23)
David “Tinker” Juarez
Evelyn Dong
Alex Grant
Raphaël Gagné (2015 XC Canadian Champion)

You have already understood, haven’t you?

The common point of both photos is only one. Tinker Juarez. So, all cannondale fanatics always call him like this. “He is the Mr.Cannondale”.




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