Good luck and thank you,Fontana

Photo :Bianchi

As you know, Our racer, Italian Marco Fontana (丸子本棚) who took a bronze medalist of London 2012 has leave from cannondale.

Honesty my feeling is so sad. Because we had enjoyed worldcup and worldchampionships at 7 years through his riding.

He had joined to cannondale at 2009, Already his carrier with cannondale was longer than a lots past great cannondale racers.
When he had joined to cannondale, Wheel size of MTB was still 26 inch. Unique Lefty fork had bit evolved from debut, so had provided a right weight and smooth friction, but still was 1st generation.
Currently tire size had became to large, also Lefty fork has evolved to 2nd generation. I think that a evolution of Lefty fork had occured by phenomenon which wheel size had became to large.

Therefore I think that Cannondale mountainbike’s mostly evolution has occuerd with Marco.

I’m remembering his riding at UCI worldcup when before london olympic.
He had always tried pushing to a head of race.


Unfortunately he always late from top of race at middle of racing time, so never won at worldcup with cannondale, but also he had won a bronze medal at London 2012 without saddle (I call this as in japanese “Saddle toretana”).

I think this momement was his best moment as MTB racer of cannondale.
This is “the” mostly excited race of my experience as cannondale fanatic during 20 years.



All professional bike racer will leave from a circuit sometime. I had experienced a lots retirements of my favorite racers as such as Greg LeMond, John Tomac, and more. When my favorite racers had leave from cannondale, I always felt sad same as their retirement. For example, Alison syder, Missy Giove, Anne Caroline Chausson, Cedric Gracia, Brian Lopes etc.

A rider who never provide sadness like this to me is just only Tinker Juarez.
But he still has stay on a race track. His costume will be changed to celeste blue from berserker green, but also we can still see his riding. Hoping cheer for his next stint.
Thanks Marco, We love you. Good luck!



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