2012 Bike

June 2012

For Yawatahama International XC race (Olympic selection race) and JAPAN national championship, Notubes ZTR Special wheel set was supplied to KAZU.

This wheel set was optimized for KAZU’s riding by supplier “Cycle Garage PAZ”. Also, it given the special graphics. It is Cannondale green painted spokes, and his name “KAZUHIRO” logo is printed on Cannondale green label.

KAZU won 2nd place with this special wheels at this 2 races. 1st place rider is KAZU’s little brother Kohei Yamamoto (Specialized :5 times japanese national XCO champion). KAZU & Kohei brothers took 1-2 finished at this 2 races.

Just as last year, KAZU’s Lefty fork was optimized by Mr.Larry Westney the suspension specialist for Cannondale Factory Racing Team in Cannondale Booth in UCI Worldcup.

Mr.Larry’s present post is Cannondale Europe HeadShok/Lefty Product Marketing Manager, his last position is a founder of Eighty Aid.
His presentaion “Benefits Cannondale Lefty fork by Beukers Bike Centre”

March 2012

The set up for World cup & Euro UCI races was completed at just before the departure to south africa to entry into UCI Worldcup XCO.

KAZU took 2 type Lefty XLR forks to Europe. a light weight carbon Lefty is for smooth race track, and a toughness aluminum Lefty is for extreme race track. “Aluminum Lefty has good handling, I think it has better than carbon lefty and helpful to european extreme racing. but when I request the light weight, I’m going to use a carbon lefty.” KAZU said.

KCNC bones scandium handle bar is employed. This handle bar is very hard and light weight. KAZU seem to like it.

Fizi:k Tundra saddle with the braided carbon rails is employed.

The shifting & drive components is SRAM XX. Machined aluminum KCNC jockey wheel is employed as rear derailer pulleys. For many years KAZU use KMC titanium plated chain.

The wheel set is Notubes ZTR 29er Race Gold. KAZU did worried the weight of wheels when decide to use with 29er bike for 2012 season. the deciding factor was the light weight of the wheels with Notubes rims. This wheel set is supplied from a pro-shop “Cycle garage PAZ” in his hometown Hokkaido pref.. The tires is MAXXIS icon 29er 2.2. KAZU surprised that this tire is very versatility.

KAZU use a magura marta SL brakes this year. Why do not use new issue MT8 brake sets? The reason is simple. For many years KAZU use magura marta brakes. For big challenge, He wanted really believable brake sets.

December 2011

At winter of 2011, KAZU tried Cannondale Flash Carbon 29er. at the this time, this bike was still employed temporary setup.

Classic Flash or Big Flash, Which do you like better?(^^)

2011 Bike

Cannondale Flash Carbon Ultimate, Maxxis tires…

and Magura Marta Brake.

Lefty Speed Carbon XLR optimaized for KAZU by Eighty Aid. Eighty Aid is the suspencion specialist of Cannondale Factory Racing UCI MTB team.



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